Hello! I’m Fleur, a twenty-something-year-old studying Publishing Media in Oxford. Home is in Hampshire where I live with my parents and our two ginger dogs (Molly and Hetti). When I’m not eating I’m most likely be found on Instagram where I also have an account especially for sharing pictures from around Oxford (@WhatOxfordEats).

I started my first blog, Wishes & Tea, back in 2013, where I’d post weekly updates about my life and what I’d been up to that week. I’m pretty sure the only people that read it were my family but it is where my passion for creating digital content started which is mad to think about as I’m now studying a degree that enables me to better my knowledge and abilities in producing this content.

At the moment, I’m back home in the shire for the summer where I’m working as a business development assistant at a small local business. It’s giving me great real-life work experience before I go back to uni in September for my final year, I know I can’t believe I’m nearly done - surely I’m too young and small for that!

Along with being creative, I love travelling and have been fortunate enough to travel across Australasia, South-East Asia and also Europe. Without sounding like a complete *** I really do think it helped shape the person I am, maybe one day I’ll actually get around to writing about the places I have been so lucky to visit.

Now that’s me, who are you?!

Fleur Bernadine x