Second Year Room

Moving away can be daunting and moving into university accommodation can be a really hard time. To make this transition away from home easier I found if I made my new living space as cosy and comfy as I could it would make it a whole lot smoother. In the weeks building up to moving into my second-year house I had a Pinterest board dedicated to home décor inspiration. Obviously when you move into a rented property there are rules and regulations surrounding what you can put where, so be sure to check with your tenancy agreement ahead of sticking anything up (side note: command strips are a lifesaver). As cliché as this may sound, I love being surrounded my plants and if I’m completely honest I cannot imagine living anywhere without them. There were only so many living plants I could take as I’d have to lug them home and back every-time I went back home to the shire so I decided to order some fake ivy to decorate my room; it sounds like it would look dodgy but it kinda worked! I, like every-other girl at uni, decided to get fairy lights. I got a set the curtain ones to hang down next to my bed. It was important for me to make my bed as cosy as I could make it as I knew I would spend a large amount of my time in it. Before I moved into my house ma mère treated me to a lovely thick down duvet which is honestly the cosiest thing ever, we combined this with some throw cushions, new bedding and a cosy throw and it was the best set up. I was very happy in this room and was actually quite sad to leave.